Trident Lake

Walleye, Pike and Brook Trout

This lake takes the guessing game away from fishing and is ideal for those who want to catch fish fast and spend less time looking for them. Trident lake is a shallow silt bottom lake with several holes that drop down 10 to 15 feet deep. While some lakes you spend the whole week looking for those hot spots, not trident; they are easily found and fished. Just float up to a hole and start catching!

Trident Lake offers two portage options:

For the brook trout enthusiast, there is a short portage to access the famous Esnagami River where a canoe awaits you to navigate up river in search of feisty brook trout. Another option would be to boat to the falls of the Esnagami River that flows into Trident Lake and fish the deep pool at the river mouth.

For the adventurists, take a boat ride down Trident Lake over a short portage to Marr Lake where a boat awaits you for some more spectacular walleye and pike fishing. Marr Lake is deeper with a rocky shoreline and many drop offs. A real fisherman’s paradise!


Trident lake consist of two separate rustic cabins both equipped with wood stoves for those cold damp nights. The sleep cabin features two bunk beds and a cot. The cook cabin is fully equipped which includes a small table top burner, propane fridge and freezer.
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